Department of Aquaculture

The Department of Aquaculture being the oldest is the only P.G. Department. It offers B.F.Sc., M.F.Sc. (Aquaculture) and Ph.D. (Aquaculture) degree programmes. The Department has U.G. and PG laboratories, smart class room cum seminar hall, Aquaculture Research cum Instructional farm. The laboratories are fully equipped with a number of sophisticated instruments such as Water quality monitoring system, Automatic Nitrogen analyzer, Inverted and Stereoscopic microscope, incubators, Photo-micrographic equipments, Pulverizer, Hot air feed drier, Flame photometer, Bomb calorimeter, Moisture meter, Field camera, Microbalances, Muffle furnace, Haematocrit and refrigerated centrifuge, Molecular Genetics Laboratory which is well equipped with advanced equipments (i.e., RT-PCR, DNA- Sequencer, Gel documentation system, Nano-drop spectrophotometer etc). The Mobile Aquaculture Health and Fisheries lab cum survey vehicle is equipped with advanced automatic water and soil analysis facilities. The modern research cum instructional farm has D-85 type and Chinese hatchery, catfish hatchery and ornamental fish breeding unit. Outdoor and indoor facilities for fish rearing include 35 nursery ponds and two brood fish ponds. Survey equipment viz. Staves, dumpy levels, compass survey, chain survey and plan table survey equipment.

Dr O.P. Sharma

Professor and Head



Dr M.L.Ojha

Assistant Professor



Dr. V.P. Saini

Professor and In-Charge


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